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Our Mission Statement

There is a big gap in the resources that state school students are able to access, compared to private school students, when preparing for and learning about the university admissions process. Despite the efforts made in recent years, there’s still much to be done and the problem is far from resolved. In the UK, almost 95% of schoolchildren attend state schools; however, state school students only make up 60% of spots at Oxbridge. Furthermore, the pandemic continues to amplify inequalities in education, with state school students more than 5x more likely to suffer long term consequences to their education and career prospects. There’s more reason than ever for education organisations to try and work together in tackling the issues that exist in this space.


Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to be able to receive specialised personal statement tutoring and therefore have a higher dependency on online resources; we at LevelOxbridge would like to do our part by providing more free resources to state school students.


Student surveys have indicated that this would be an invaluable service for many, so we are creating a bank of personal statements, admission test questions, and interview support materials to make available to everyone. We ensure that these materials are of high quality and that they are updated year on year. 


We are in the process of collecting sample personal statements across a range of subjects at Oxbridge and we need your help! If you’re willing, we would love for you to submit yours (either anonymously or with your name attached, so you can receive credit for your work). Additionally, if you would like to volunteer to help us answer questions from students from disadvantaged backgrounds, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.

The LevelOxbridge Team

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